Streamlining Efficiencies:
Revolutionizing Marketing Campaigns with Cimba.AI


You have been appointed the Campaign Manager for ABC Company and are tasked with breathing new life into their marketing campaigns. Despite ABC Company's efforts in implementing multiple campaigns across digital platforms, there's a prevailing sense that their impact could be enhanced further. Stakeholders believe that there's untapped potential waiting to be unlocked, and they are eager to see a significant boost in campaign effectiveness. Now, armed with comprehensive historical campaign performance data, your mission is clear: analyze every facet, craft strategic solutions, and optimize outcomes to propel ABC Company to new heights of success in the digital landscape.

Understanding the Challenge:

ABC Company aims to address key business queries:

  1. Performance Analysis: How are current campaigns performing across digital platforms?
  2. Campaign Recommendations: Which social media campaigns should be prioritized for the upcoming month, utilizing metrics such as CTR, conversion rate, ROI, CPC, impressions, engagement, and audience demographics?
  3. CTR Optimization: How can click-through rates (CTR) be optimized for suggested campaigns?
  4. CTR Prediction: What CTR can be expected for the proposed campaigns?

Traditional Workflow Breakdown:

  1. Dashboard Exploration:
  • Task: 
    1. Campaign Manager logs into the dashboard, navigating multiple dashboards to assess campaign performance and gain insights.
    2. Upon noticing interesting findings, the Campaign Manager sends a Slack message to a Data Analyst.
  • Time Spent: 1 to 2 hours
  1. Analysis Process:
  • Task:
    1. The Data Analyst creates a ticket in Jira and manually writes SQL or Python code to address the Campaign Manager's query.
    2. The response is returned, though the code is not retained.
  • Time Spent: 1 week
  1. Recurring Inquiry Cycle:
  • Task:
    1. The Campaign Manager, upon receiving the analysis, often generates further questions, initiating another cycle of inquiry and analysis.
  • Time Spent: 1 week
  1. Budget Adjustment Process:
  • Task:
    1. With all the necessary information, the Campaign Manager decides to shift the budget from Campaign A on Facebook to Campaign C on TikTok.
    2. Adjustments are made in both Facebook Ad Manager and TikTok Ads UI to execute the change.
  • Time Spent: 1 day


  • Total Time Spent: 11 Days
  • Total Workflow Steps: 4
  • People Involved: 2
  • UIs Navigated: 6

Outcome: The analysis process spans a total duration of 11 days, involving a team of 2 members who navigate through 6 different interfaces to gather insights and optimize campaign performance.

Cimba's Solution:

Cimba.AI revolutionizes the workflow by drastically reducing the time and effort required for data analysis. Irrespective of one's role or department, Cimba facilitates a swift initiation process, enabling users to delve into insightful analysis and decision-making within minutes.

1. Cimba Analysis Process:

  • Task:
    1. Campaign Manager logs into Cimba and queries about optimizing marketing spend.
    2. Cimba initiates analysis of key metrics from all advertising spend sources.
    3. Returns metrics to the user with visualizations and highlights.
    4. Automatically summarizes findings into easily digestible reports.
  • Time Spent: 10 minutes

2. Action Recommendation and Approval:

  • Task:
    1. Cimba suggests budget reallocation from Campaign A on Facebook to Campaign C on TikTok.
    2. Campaign Manager seeks further insight on the impact on ROI, CPC, CTR, etc.
    3. Cimba generates projections on these metrics and presents them to the Campaign Manager.
    4. Upon approval, Cimba executes the action.
  • Time Spent: 5 minutes


  • Time Spent: 15 minutes
  • Total Workflow Steps: 2
  • People Involved: 1
  • UIs Navigated: 1

Outcome: Actionable insights accessible within 15 minutes, signifying a substantial decrease in turnaround time from days to minutes.

Deep Dive into Cimba's Methodology:

Cimba.AI revolutionizes campaign management through a systematic approach:

  1. Connecting Your Data Source: Cimba is pre-connected to all essential data sources, ensuring seamless access when the campaign manager initiates the task of optimizing market spend. Regardless of whether the data is stored in databases or imported from CSV files, Cimba.AI seamlessly integrates with various platforms. A visual representation of this integration is depicted below, showcasing how data from different sources is gathered and transformed into structured tables within the platform.

The data encompasses a range of campaign performance measurement metrics, including "clicks," "impressions," "media_cost," "campaign_budget," and more.

  1. Performance Analysis:

After gathering the data, Cimba.AI analyzes it to understand your campaign's performance. With its smart assistants, Cimba.AI carefully examines the data and swiftly provides useful insights. These insights are then shared with you through the chat with data feature, helping you get clear and actionable information for your performance analysis. You can ask questions, and Cimba will respond with text, graphs, and tables. In the image below, we demonstrate how Cimba answers the question 'How are my campaigns performing?

"The campaigns are performing differently across various categories. The Display Advertising Campaign has the highest CTR (3.95%) and ROI (2307.15), while the Search Engine Marketing Campaign has the lowest CTR (3.70%) and ROI (2140.49). The Mobile Marketing Campaign, Social Media Campaign, and Video Marketing Campaign have similar performance in terms of CTR and ROI" and can be consumed easily by business users. In addition to the insights, you also get charts.”

Insights from Cimba's Agent on Historical Campaign Data reveal nuanced performance variations across different categories, empowering users with actionable recommendations. For instance, the Display Advertising Campaign boasts the highest CTR and ROI, while the Search Engine Marketing Campaign lags behind. Such insights, complemented by intuitive charts, offer invaluable guidance for strategic decision-making.

The CTR of the social media campaign (3.78%) is marginally lower than that of the search engine marketing campaign (3.69%). 

  1. Campaign Recommendations: 

Armed with insights, Cimba.AI propels you toward proactive decision-making. Tailored suggestions tailored to your objectives and criteria emerge seamlessly. For instance, if you seek recommendations for social media campaigns optimizing CPC and CPI, Cimba.AI delivers targeted suggestions with an accompanying table for reference as shown below.

As you peruse the historical data, you'll receive insightful recommendations for products like "vintage-inspired jewelry" and "concert jewelry." With suggested tags such as "#The Ultimate Fashion Statement with X" and "#Embrace Your Individuality with X," these actionable insights are poised to steer your business decisions in the right direction. Moreover, accompanying charts will serve as valuable references for your presentations and analyses.

Isn't it intriguing? Now you're undoubtedly curious about the expected Return on Investment (ROI) for campaigns targeting specific product categories, such as "casual chic jewelry", “statement pins” and "concert jewelry." 

Cimba now provides insights into the performance of each product category, including metrics such as cost per click, cost per impression, and campaign budget.

Naturally, this curiosity prompts the next question: "What is the anticipated ROI for campaigns focusing on these products?" While visual representations offer some guidance, your trusted Cimba.AI agent can delve even deeper, providing invaluable insights.

What do you think about these insights? Cimba can do much more than these insights! Now let us ask about how to enhance the CTR of your campaigns, consider the following recommendations:

  • Use Facebook Ads as the primary external service.
  • Opt for weekdays to maximize campaign effectiveness.
  • Maintain an optimal campaign duration of 20 days.
  • Employ the search tag "Embracing individuality with X."
  • Target your campaigns toward specific device categories for optimal results.

Instead of spending hours going through multiple tables and dashboards to gather these insights, you can now get them with just a few clicks using your friendly AI Agent. As a diligent campaign manager, you seek assurance regarding the effectiveness of the suggested campaign and strategy. What if you could predict the CTR for these campaigns based on the recommended approach?

The agent predicts that following the prescribed optimization strategy will yield a remarkable click-through rate (CTR) of 9.23%! This suggests a potential tripling of the social media campaign's CTR from its previous rate.

You've just experienced the power of Cimba.AI's platform. A comprehensively trained agent with a profound understanding of data and business context swiftly suggests efficient campaign optimization strategies and offers actionable insights. Truly, it's a game-changer.

How Cimba.AI is Different:

  • Efficiency: Bid farewell to lengthy waiting periods! While the traditional process drags on for 5 to 7 days, Cimba.AI defies the norm by delivering results in just a couple of minutes. The speed of delivery hinges on the complexity of the question posed, ensuring swift resolutions that keep pace with your business demands.
  • Usability: Complexity made simple! Cimba.AI transforms and simplifies analytics tasks. Say goodbye to extensive processes and embrace a user-friendly platform designed to empower users of all skill levels.
  • Precision: With Cimba.AI, accuracy, and relevance are non-negotiable. Every insight is meticulously crafted to provide actionable guidance, ensuring that your decisions are informed by the most reliable information available. And the cherry on top? You can bid farewell to the tedious manual tasks. Cimba handles the heavy lifting, allowing you to redirect your focus towards more pressing matters.


With Cimba.AI, ABC Company revolutionized its marketing campaigns, achieving unparalleled efficiency and precision. By bidding farewell to manual, human-prone analysis, they embraced the future of campaign management, ushering in a new era of data-driven decision-making.

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